Pocket boutonnieres - Everything you need to know

Pocket boutonnieres - Everything you need to know

They’re trending

I’ve been making pocket boutonnieres for well over a year now and was the first person to start selling them on Etsy.  I’ve definitely seen an increase in sales since the start of this year and although most of my pocket boutonnieres are shipped to the US (especially large orders), in recent months they have become more popular in the UK. 


What is a pocket boutonniere and how is it different to a traditional boutonniere?

A pocket boutonnière (I have also heard them referred to as pocket flowers and flower pocket square) is a selection of flowers and leaves attached to a piece of card that can be slipped into a suit or shirt pocket. This is different to the traditional boutonniere (button hole) which is usually a small arrangement or leaves and flowers, bound with ribbon and pinned to the lapel of a suit jacket.


Why choose a pocket boutonniere?

There are numerous reasons why pocket boutonnieres are increasing in popularity, not only for weddings but proms and other special occasions.

Easy to wear

Pocket boutonnieres are super easy to wear. Simply slip the card into the pocket of your suit jacket or your shirt and you’re ready to go. No pesky pins needed. Here's an example.

They stay put all day

Unlike traditional boutonnieres, pocket boutonnieres stay in place all day. I’ve had many comments from photographers in the past about having to repeatedly adjust traditional boutonnieres throughout the day for photos.

Someone recently comment on a reel I posted “Great idea, but won’t it fall out of the pocket?”. I replied to this with the reel here showing that they do stay put. While the reel is a little over the top and I was quite embarrassed when I first posted it, I think it clearly shows that they will stay securely in a pocket.

To ensure they do stay in place I recommend measuring the pocket so you know the boutonniere will be a good fit. If the card is too small it may fall out. I have a standard size I make my boutonnieres, which is stated in my product listings but I am always more than happy to make a custom size if needed (this includes smaller ones for kids or women’s suit pockets).

They can set you apart from your groomsmen

A lot of people I have made boutonnieres for want the groom and groomsmen’s pieces to look different. A great way to do this is for the groom to have a pocket boutonniere and the groomsmen to have traditional boutonnieres.

Traditional boutonniere on the left and matching pocket boutonniere on the right.

How are they made?

I have been asked on various occasions how to make pocket boutonnieres, and truthfully I never know how to respond. While I would love to help people DIY, I also don’t want to lose out on sales, but here goes.

Pocket boutonnieres are really easy to make. All you need is some flowers and leaves, card in the size of you pocket, glue and ribbon.

As I work with dried and artificial flowers, I use a hot glue gun but I know some people who work with fresh flowers use flower glue.

Simply glue the flowers and leaves of you choice to the top section of your card. I tend to put most of the leaves towards the back to ensure the white card is covered. Once the flowers are in place I used the ribbon to cover the stems of the flower (and any other messy bits). Here's a short clip of me making one.

Other people tend to use cardboard or a thin piece of wood but after experiencing with different materials I found that white card around (300gsm) is the best option. I realised that the thicker materials showed a visible line on the outside of the pocket.

Unless you are planning to make quite a few pocket boutonnieres or other floral accessories it may be more cost effective to buy pre made pocket boutonnieres. The cost of materials can be more than you’d expect and may cost you more overall. (This may also apply for other floral accessories such as headband, crowns and corsages).


While I know they are not for everyone, more couples are opting for non traditional weddings and statement items. So if you’re looking for something a little bit different, a pocket boutonniere may be a good choice. 

Shop pocket boutonnieres on my website or visit my Etsy Shop.

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